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H.H jewelry manufacture & creator of fine jewelry & engagement rings since 1991 located at 66 west 47th St. new York, NY 10036.


H.H jewelry, a family owned jewelry store has provided fine quality jewelry & GIA certified diamonds to our customers since 1991. we strive to give our customers the best quality jewelry for the lowest price. Michael & Mayer (brothers) owner of the company are not your regular jewelers that only sell jewelry they are both master bench jewelers that understand what goes into making fine jewelry. there knowledge is the key in the success of the company.

When customers come looking for jewelry or wanting to custom make jewelry Michael & Mayer have the knowledge to know the fine piece of jewelry should be made so that not only piece comes out beautiful but also last a life time.


Our craftsman ship is compared to none every piece of jewelry and engagement ring made by us is of the highest quality and we stand behind our jewelry with no conditions. this is one of the reasons that since 1991 when we just started and had the smallest location on the diamond district we have now grown to having the biggest location with 2nd generation customers coming to us and recommending us to there friends & family our main goal at HH jewelry is to make sure all our customers are satisfied & happy with there jewelry purchases from us we are known among all our customers and in the industry jewelers to be honest & fair this above all is the most important fact about our company.


As our father thought us our customers become like family since once the buy from us and see the quality we give them for the price we charge cannot be beat and they just keep coming back and refer us to family & friends to help us become one of the best jewelry stores in New York & diamond district.

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